Starter Games

This collection of games will get you started in the world of Breakout EDU. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about running your first game. The page has a good collection of resources to help you. 

The Breakout EDU reflection cards are used to help facilitate the game debrief--an important element of a game experience.  As the facilitator your role is vital. What you say before the game will set your players up for success, set norms, and don't be afraid to intervene if necessary.

The objective of the games isn't to "get into the box by any means necessary"... It's important that players understand that the objective of the game is solve each of the puzzles and use that information to remove the locks on the Breakout EDU kit.


Time Warp is a great game to play with a small group of adults (6-15 players). Many teachers choose to use this game in a staff professional development to introduce the concept of Breakout EDU. 

  • Game Designers: Mark Hammons & James Sanders
  • Content Area: History / General Interest
  • Recommended Ages: 14+
  • Ideal Group Size: 5-15
  • Suggested Time:  45 minutes

In Time Warp, players are lost in time and have to navigate the history of communication in order to escape.  In the game, players will learn about various forms of communication. Starting with hieroglyphics, Incan knots and the Pony Express, all the way to video and the Internet. The main character in the game is Vint Cerf, one of the "fathers of the Internet."


Story: We have a problem with our Agenda - all properly run staff meetings MUST have an agenda. The problem is, the Superintendent does not want this meeting to end - EVER, so he/she has locked the last part of our Agenda in the Breakout EDU box.

  • Game Designer: Patti Harju
  • Ages: Adult
  • Ideal Group Size: Large Group
  • Content Area: Professional Development/Team Building


  • Game Designers: Patti Harju and Adam Bellow
  • Content Area:  Literature, Art, Team Building
  • Recommended Ages: Elementary, Middle School
  • Ideal Group Size:  Whole Class
  • Suggested Time: 45 minutes

The Dot: Make Your Mark! Breakout EDU game is inspired by the book by Peter Reynolds. A special thank you to Peter for creating art work for the game.

Learn more about International Dot Day HerePurchase a copy of The Dot book here.



Story: You've just arrives at school and find that your teacher has written the date on the board. It says "Monday..." - but how can that be? You're 100% sure yesterday was Monday, so it can't be Monday again....right?

  • Game Creator: Kim Alvarado
  • Ages: Middle School, High School
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class
  • Content Area: Math, General Interest


Story: We have an awesome year ahead of us, and I am so excited to get started! I have our Ticket to Learning for this year all ready to go, however I locked it in the box for safe keeping and I forgot the combinations to the locks.

  • Game Designer: Patti Harju
  • Ages: Upper Elementary
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class
  • Content Area: General Interest


Story: If you Take a Mouse to School, he is going to want to use all of our supplies! The Mouse got into our room last night and had some fun! He locked all of our crayons in the BreakoutEdu box and he doesn’t think we will be able to get them out.

  • Game Designer: Patti Harju
  • Ages:  Elementary
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class
  • Content Area: Literature, General Interest