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Perry's Lost Toy

  • Game Designer: Leasha Wolterman
  • Content Area: Math, Measurement
  • Recommended Ages: Elementary
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class
  • Suggested Time: 45 minutes

Perry Meter is inconsolable!  He’s lost his favorite toy and has looked EVERYWHERE for it!  What Perry doesn’t know is that his big brother, Brutus, swiped it while Perry was sleeping.  Brutus has hidden the toy and locked it up nice and tight.  Can you help Perry and spoil Brutus’s evil plan to torture his little brother by keeping him separated from his most prized possession?

3-DIGIT LOCK = 1-6-4

4-DIGIT LOCK = 6-4-8-1



The students will be split up into small groups.  They will work through the 3 different tasks at their own pace.  As teams complete a task, they will be prompted to draw a puzzle piece from you.  (They have to be able to complete a Quizizz to a certain degree of accuracy in order to collect a puzzle piece.)

Task 1 – Measuring to the nearest ¼ in and conversions - They need to enter the words they created (Mathematics you are so close) in the Google doc.

-After letting them draw a puzzle piece, hand them 1 copy of the Quizizz Task 2 and encourage everyone in the group to log on to the quiz

Task 2 – Reasonable measurements - At least 1 team member needs to have a score of 87% or better on the Quizizz in order to be able to draw ONE puzzle piece for the team

-After letting them draw a puzzle piece, hand them Task 3

Task 3 – Line Plots - At least 1 member of the team needs to have 100% on the Quizizz to draw ONE total puzzle piece for the team

-After letting them draw a puzzle piece, the team can start cracking the codes on the completed puzzle and unlock some locks!




Email info@breakoutedu.com if you have any questions. 


math, measurement, perimeter, linear, capacity, weight, time