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the missing dream - MLK Breakout

  • Game Designer: Rachel Emenhiser
  • Content Area: Social Studies
  • Recommended Ages: Elementary
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class
  • Suggested Time: 45 minutes

Michael Lucas Kelly Jr. is so excited for MLK day, because he has the same initials as Martin Luther King Jr..  His teacher has selected him to read the famous, I Have a Dream speech to the class on Martin Luther King Day and gave him a copy of the speech to practice. Michael was so excited.  He was so afraid that something would happen to the speech before the big day, that he locked it up in the Breakout box for safe keeping. Michael was so nervous he remembered to leave himself clues, but forgot to write down the actual codes to open the locks.  Now, he is panicking that he will not be able to open up the box in time to have the speech on MLK day.  Let’s help Michael breathe easy and open the box to retrieve the speech.

3-DIGIT LOCK = 0-8-8 (update each year ) 

4-DIGIT LOCK = 1-9-5-8



Print out the MLK Quotes and hang them in the room a few days before doing this breakout.

Print out the “I Have a Dream” speech. Put it and another reward you wish into the large Breakout EDU box.

Put the hasps on the Breakout EDU box then put on the following locks with these set combinations.

4 Digit Lock : 1958

Key lock: Key to be place on the back of or around the quote that has the word “key” in it.

Directional lock: Set to RIGHT-UP-DOWN-LEFT-UP

Word Lock: PARKS

Set the Small Lock box to : 088


Print out “Word Lock for MLK” - with the invisible ink pen write PARKS really big so you need all the pieces in the correct order to see the word.

Cut the date and facts apart - Place the Dates in the small lock box - the facts can be given to the students or hidden to make it harder.

Put the blacklight flashlight in the small lockbox - batteries can be included or not to make this clue harder.

Put a strip of paper or an index card that says, “The words of MLK were key in inspiring a nation.” in the small lock box.  - The is the hint that indicates to look at the quotes that are around the room to find the KEY in his words.

Print out or write the shortened URL for the Google form MLK Jr.  This can be given or hidden to vary the difficulty.

(This is the clue that will lead to opening the small lock box)

Print out the QR code for the Map of Important places for MLK.  This can be given or hidden to vary the difficulty.

(This is the clue that will open the directional lock)

Additional Clue if needed: Print out the Google Draw Color Pins, put in the small lock box or hide for an additional clue for the map. The map locations tell you which site to go to next, students will have to deduce what general direction they went and put that to use on the directional lock.

Print out the “STRIDE TOWARD FREEDOM” cipher, Decide how much of a clue you want to give in being able to solve the cipher. This clue can be given or hidden to vary difficulty.




Email info@breakoutedu.com if you have any questions. 


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