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Little Red

  • Game Designer: Patti Harju
  • Content Area: Language Arts, Reading
  • Recommended Ages: Elementary
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class
  • Suggested Time: 45 minutes


Tags: Fairy Tales, Math, Reading, Addition, Sequencing

Little Red needs our help!

The wolf has locked her out of Grandma’s cottage. He locked the Key to the door in the Breakout EDU box so she won’t be able to get inside and warn Grandma that he is on his way to gobble her up! (Grandma is taking her nap right now so she won’t hear knocking or the phone either.)  Now Little Red is pretty smart and she figured out how to trick the wolf into taking the long route to Grandma’s cottage. It will take the wolf 45 minutes to get there, so Little Red needs you to work quickly and help her figure out the combinations to open the box, get the key and warn Grandma!

3-DIGIT LOCK = 1-4-6

4-DIGIT LOCK = 3-4-2-7



Breakout EDU box with hasp and Word lock, 4 digit lock, Directional lock and key lock.
Inside is the "We Saved Grandma" sign/key. 
Inside the 3 Digit Lock box place the Rebus puzzle for the Key Clue. Put in one copy for each group you may have.

3 Digit Lock Box -  1-4-6

Add the muffins in the basket. Print 6 muffins and the basket. Using the invisible ink pen, write the numbers Write 33, 3, 10, 50, 25,  and 25 on the muffins and the word ADD on the basket. You may easily adapt this clue to fit your students, just make sure the combination matches. Place the UV flashlight where the students will be able to access it.
This will tells players to add the numbers together to get 146  - the 3 digit lock combination.

Kindergarten and First Grade Option: Print 6 pieces of muffins. Write the digits 1, 4 and 6 each on one muffin with invisible ink. Leave the other muffins blank.

4 Digit Lock Box 3-4-2-7

(Thank you Kim Alvardo for the clue idea!)

Coordinate grid numbers.
Students connect the ordered pairs and read the number that is shown. This is the 4 digit combination.
Either Laminate the grid or put the grid in a plastic sleeve and have students write on with a dry erase marker, erasing after they are done for the next group.

Directional Lock   down, left,  right, down, up

Print the arrows with the parts of the story. When the students put the story in order, the arrows will point in the correct direction.
You may want more than one set of clues so more than one group may work on this clue at the same time. Print on a different color for each group.

Key Lock

Rebus Puzzle -- Find the red Flower. Have paper flowers around the room. Hide the key near a red one.  You may hide the key, or write on the flowers "Turn in for the Key" and each group will find a red flower, and turn it in to you when they are ready to unlock the box.  

Word Lock - SNARL

Print the QR Code with the URL. You may want to include the image of the Wolf snarling as as additional clue.  You may also choose to have the article up on a computer or iPad and not use the QR code.
National Geographic Wolf - http://bit.ly/redWOLF

My 2nd graders kept scrolling down to the videos. I added  “read all about it” to the QR code to let them know to read the article. The article lists several ways that wolves communicate, and more than one may be spelled with the Word Lock. Snarl is the last one listed. If they click on the upper right corner to view the slide show in full screen, they will have an easier version of the article, which will give them the same information.  You may also want to provide letters for the students to help them as this can be a tough clue. Print the letter cards (S-N-A-R-L as well as a few other letters that they won't need B-H-W-Y) and have them near the Computer or iPad.

Students will keep track of the combinations as they discover them using a copy of the Locks Recording Sheet. Each group will take a turn on the 3 digit lock box, and when they think they have the other three combinations and have located the key, they try to unlock the large box. If successful, they remove a copy of the 'We Saved Grandma!" Key, and re-lock the box for the next group.  If not  successful, they go back to re-work the clues and try again.



1.You were told to add the numbers on the muffins.  What other ways could you have used those numbers to come up with a combination?

2. The Sequencing clue only had a few of the details of the story of Little Red Riding Hood, what are 2 or 3 other important events that should be added?

3. Did you have trouble figuring out the Rebus Message? How would you have written it?

4. Did you learn anything new about when you read the article about Wolves?

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Email info@breakoutedu.com if you have any questions. 


literature, fairy tale, reading, math