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colt wilder's cave escape

  • Game Designer: Nathan Karstulovich
  • Content Area: English, Math
  • Recommended Ages: Middle School
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class
  • Suggested Time: 45 minutes

Colt Wilder is the protagonist in the Colt Wilder Adventures series of books. Colt Wilder is everything his name suggests. He is strong, a leader and a peacemaker. He is always looking for a good time. Colt is a scuba diver, a sailor, a lifeguard, and a surf instructor. To top it off Colt is part of a secret group of highly trained paramilitary teenagers, called CAPE.

Unfortunately, Colt made a mistake and instead of sticking with his team, he tried to do things by himself. Now he has been trapped – locked, deep in a cave by an evil Aussie - at the bottom of the Katherine Gorge in Northern Australia. Time is running out as the wet season has just begun and the gorge river is rising fast. You can help! Become part of the CAPE team and free Colt from the cave before the water level gets too high. He has 45-minutes before the water rises past the boulders blocking the cave entrance and cuts off all of his air, leaving him to perish in the gorge.

3-DIGIT LOCK = 1-8-6

4-DIGIT LOCK = 1-9-8-5


DIRECTIONAL MULTILOCK = LEFT-DOWN-RIGHT (Will need to add at least one additional direction or use the LOCKS APP)


Start by going to www.coltwildercaveescape.weebly.com

Review the video on the home page and then follow the link +61 to see the first clue (+61 is Australia’s country telephone code and the first clue to be solved from the video)

You will need six colored cards for clues 2 through 6. Write each clue on each colored card.

Each team of five students will work together to solve the clues. Each time they solve a clue and they will receive the next clue on their colored card (like in Amazing Race).

Before starting the game, you will need to hide copies of the readings for clue 1, clue 4, and clue 5, as well as the clock faces for clue 2, available at www.coltwilderbreakouts.weebly.com  The grids for clue 3 are also available there.

To begin the game…

Give students this website address. There they will find the opening video and clue one (hidden as the link +61). Say good luck and let them go.

Students should follow the clues to determine the codes for each of four locks and to find the key for the final lock. Each time a group determines a lock code, they will check-in with a teacher for the next clue. Students should write down all lock codes. When they have them all, the group will have the opportunity to try to unlock the five locks on the box to find the treasure inside.

Room Set-up:

Large locked box and small locked box at the front of the room. The large box has a treasure locked inside. The small box has clue 2 inside.

There should be copies of 3 different reading selections hidden around the room.

There should be copies of the clocks with numbers circled in invisible pen, hidden in the library or the classroom depending on the ability to use the library space.

The teacher should hold the clue cards for clue 3, 4, 5, and 6, as well as the grid page and the uv flashlight.

Student groups should each have access to the internet to start the game.





Email info@breakoutedu.com if you have any questions. 


Math, English