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cavemen crimea

  • Game Designer: Matthew Gudenius
  • Content Area: Math
  • Recommended Ages: Middle Grades
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class
  • Suggested Time: 45 minutes

You were all summoned here earlier today after receiving this notice from the chief of the Archaeological Investigations Agency:


This is an unusual mission for the Archaeological Investigations Agency. We’ve received word that, during an expedition to the Crimean Peninsula to research Neanderthal sites, the well-respected paleontologist Dr. Arkansas Bones has gone missing.

They located his belongings undisturbed at his last known research encampment, and it doesn’t appear that there was any foul play; nothing appears to have been stolen, and there is no sign that any sort of struggle occurred.

However, the region has very coarse and rugged terrain, and it’s feared that he may have fallen off of a cliff or down one of the rocky chasms, or perhaps he is trapped in one of the nearby caves. Emergency services have been contacted, of course, but they have been unable to immediately locate him, and have contacted us in the hopes that we can sort through the clues and help them locate Dr. Bones as soon as possible… his life may be depending on it.”

3-DIGIT LOCK = 0-2-1



  • Inform students that “guess and check” is not going to be the best way to solve the puzzles because there is a lot of information here… they should “follow the breadcrumbs”



To solve the puzzles, students will need to have knowledge of the following:

  • Understanding what integers and rational numbers and their opposites are

  • Coordinate plane math: quadrants and distance (vertical/horizontal only)

  • Identifying reflections of points on the coordinate plane

  • Comparing/ordering fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers

Knowledge of reading maps and using cardinal directions (N,W,S,E)




Wordlock: BCAED

Directional lock: Left-Up-Right
Will need add clue to indicate to students what symbols will be in the last two slots of the Multilock.

3-digit Lockbox: 021

Radio Frequency (if using FM transmitter): 103.7


  1. Cut out (or 3D print) individual Foot Bones; place Foot Bones and Mousterian Tool inside 3-digit lockbox

  2. Set 3-digit lockbox combination to 021 and close/lock box

  3. Affix sticky note with the word “DISTANCE” to top of 3-digit lockbox

  4. Place ONLY the Mammoth Hut Excavation Site and Excavation Site Note clues inside main Breakout Box!

  5. Affix hasp to Breakout Box and set the Wordlock to BCAED and Direction Lock to Left-Up-Right, then attach both locks to the hasp

  6. Place Lockbox and Breakout Box in center of play area

  7. Scatter remaining documents/clues in plain sight in play area:

    1. Travel Itinerary

    2. Plane Ticket

    3. Ukraine Map

    4. To-Do List

  8. Transmit Arkansas Bones Distress Message audio file via FM transmitter on frequency 103.7, or load Cavemen of Crimea website on a computer/tablet/phone and place in play area for student use: http://bit.ly/cavemenofcrimea

  9. You’re now ready to begin!



Email info@breakoutedu.com if you have any questions.