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Candy Chemistry

  • Game Designer: Amy Roediger
  • Content Area: Science, Chemistry
  • Recommended Ages: High School
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class
  • Suggested Time: 45 minutes

A mad scientist has taken samples of a very important chemical mixture and locked them away. Unlock the box and retrieve the samples so you can discover the chemistry of this important mixture.

3-DIGIT LOCK = 3-4-2

4-DIGIT LOCK = 0-0-0-8



Put the flashlight, a sugar packet, an empty sugar packet, and a note that says “find the moles of sucrose in a sugar packet.” inside the little lock box. Lock it with the lock that has a key. Put the key inside a box/container of sugar (we taped it to the lid of a container).

The number of moles in a sugar packet is the combination for the 4-number lock.

Hang up the graphic of the reaction between glucose and fructose. The missing info is water and WATER will unlock the letter lock.

Hang up Sugar is the Key to the Puzzle.

Hang up the two-step equation maze. Solving this will give the combination to the directional lock which is up-left-left-up-up.

Build a sucrose molecule from a molecular model kit and attach a white card that says “what molecule is this?” on one side and use the invisible ink pen on the other side to write “find its molar mass.” The molar mass (342) is the combination for the 3-number lock.

Put candy and the infographic about the chemistry of candy into the breakout box. Attach the hasp and the 4 locks (letter lock, 3 number lock, 4 number lock, directional lock).




Email info@breakoutedu.com if you have any questions. 


Chemistry, candy, science