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breaking puck's spell

  • Game Designer: Jennifer Zimny
  • Content Area: English, Shakespeare
  • Recommended Ages: High School
  • Ideal Group Size: Small Group
  • Suggested Time: 45 minutes

This BreakoutEDU game is based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Puck has placed the entire class under a spell, and they are all stuck in a dream unless they can open this box and find the cure. They will use their knowledge of the play to solve a series of puzzles and clues to help them break into the box and cure the curse!

3-DIGIT LOCK = 2-6-5 and Optional additional 3-DIGIT LOCK = 2-3-8 

4-DIGIT LOCK = 6-7-4-2



On the table, place the following objects: An envelope with the square QR puzzle pieces inside and the coordinating limerick outside; the Shakespeare Facts page; a dry erase pen; 3 digit clue limrick

Inside the small lock box place the UV flashlight and the USB drive with the Directional Lock .pdf on it. Place a 3 digit lock on the outside of it. (You will need two 3 digit locks for this game)

Before students begin, they will watch a short Google Slide presentation (included) introducing them to BreakoutEDU and the concept of the game. They have all been put under a spell by Puck, and they must break into the BreakoutEDU box to wake up from the dream he has them under through solving a series of limericks, clues, and puzzles.



On the table is an envelope with “puzzle” pieces inside. Students will have to put the puzzle pieces together in the correct order coordinating the character with a quote, character traits, and a picture. Putting it together correctly will reveal a QR code. Scan the QR code, and the students will receive a number. Using the UV light, they will see the phrase “put them in the order they appear.” They will put the characters in the order they appear in the play to get the 4 digit code 6742.


Looking at a limerick on the table, students will be given a clue and a short URL to a You Tube video. The You Tube video is a “Teen Loveline” call in show. Students will have to listen to the video and pick out the callers that have the same love problems as characters in Midsummer Night’s Dream. In doing this, they will open the 3 digit lock with the code 2, 3, 8. (The code is in the order the callers appear in the video.)

Additional 3 DIGIT LOCK

Students will find the small lock box with a limerick taped to the top of it. In reading this limrick, they will realize that the limerick guides them to the 3 digit lock answer on the small lock box, 2 queens, 6 actors, 5 acts. Opening the small lock box will reveal the USB drive and the UV light.


Using the USB drive, students will find a .pdf on it. This .pdf has another limerick. Students will have to figure out that they must click the word “here,” and it will lead them to a website. On this website is another limerick and a series of numbers and letters. The limerick will help guide them to realize that A-S-L stands for act, scene, and line. When they go to each of these lines, a direction is mentioned. Once they write down all the directions, they will need to know the speaker of the line as well. Using the pictures on the website, they will put the directions in order. This will open the directional lock.


Students will answer facts about Shakespeare. Circling the correct answers will coordinate with letters above. Those letters will open the word lock.





Email info@breakoutedu.com if you have any questions. 


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