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attack of the number munchers

  • Game Designer: Leasha Wolterman
  • Content Area: Math, Place Value
  • Recommended Ages: Elementary
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class
  • Suggested Time: 45 minutes

Wrong answers on tests, incorrect amount of money on paychecks, overcharged at the store.  All of this because the Number Munchers escaped their game and got hungry.  These cute little guys are wreaking havoc in our world as they snack on important digits in our documents.  Help send them back to their games so we can go about our business in peace.  Who knows how much your favorite snack from the grocery store will cost if they spit out the yucky numbers on the price tag.  What will happen to your allowance if they snap up a random digit from the ones place!?  Breakout to reset the game and send the Number Munchers back where they belong!

3-DIGIT LOCK = 9-7-7

4-DIGIT LOCK = 7-6-2-1




Number Lock - 7621

Standard/Word/Expanded form
- There is some prep for this clue, but it is all spelled out in the Number Lock document. 

Locked Pencil Box - 977 (hide the UV flashlight, 1 of the sheets from the Keyed Lock clue)

Standard/Word/Expanded form

  •   Several problems on the page

  •   Standard = 1

  •   Word form = 2

  •   Expanded form = 3

    > identify what form the number is in and add up the points to equal a digit for the pencil box

    Image Lock

    This clue mainly focuses on finding the value of the underlined digit.
    At least 5 students must score at least 85% on the Quizizz so that you can hand them the Image Lock clue.
    My Quizizz is here. http://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/57bf55ca70f80d38f8469da1
    Make any changes that you want to, but you will need to assign it as HOMEWORK so that you can change the game code that is included on my Image Lock document. My code will no longer be active.

    Keyed Lock – key needs to be hidden in an envelope next to your Social Studies books
    On the Keyed Lock document there are 12 different problems to solve. Hide one of the sheets of paper in the locked pencil box with the UV flashlight. Students will circle the answers, but the message still won’t make sense. Use invisible ink to indicate the order of the words in the sentence.

 Hidden message should reveal – You will find an important envelope by the Social Studies books.

DIRECTIONAL LOCK – North, East, North, South

The document has the code in the correct order. To make it more challenging, write a #1, #2, #3, and #4 next to the problems in INVISIBLE INK, cut the sheet up and post the clues around the room. Students need to successfully complete one of the Number Lock clues in order to decode the directions needed for this lock.
(This information is given when the students correctly enter one of the Number Lock clues)

> = North < = South = = East

Word Lock - TASTY

This clue requires the students to have to know how to text old-school style – oh yeah, channel your inner flip phone texter! I found this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfU1uDnIKEs

I plan on cropping it so the kids only have to watch from about 1:35 – 2:35. The directions on my clue are specific to our district so our kids can access the video – YouTube is blocked.
- how we USED to text (Two 2s means B, three 3s means F)

Make sure you have written the appropriate information in invisible ink on the following clues

  • Directional Lock
  • Number Lock
  • Keyed Lock

Place the “We Broke Out” sign in the Breakout Box and attach the 5 locks

Hide the key in an envelope and hide it with the Social Studies books

Hang up the Number Lock QR codes and the Image Lock Quizizz code

  • (Keep the 2nd part of the Image Lock clue with you, they will need to unlock it with good test scores!)

Lock one page of the Keyed Lock clue with the UV flashlight inside the locked pencil box

  • Place the Locked Box clue next to the pencil box

Place the rest of the clues randomly around the room

  • Styrofoam cups for the Number Lock clue
  • Directional Lock clues
  • Word Lock clues
  • Keyed Lock clue

Open Breakout EDU Attack of the Number Munchers PowerPoint

  • Open Hyperlink to Breakout EDU Timer

Launch the challenge and let the students get to work!




Email info@breakoutedu.com if you have any questions. 


Place value, math