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Ap Biology Review

  • Game Designer: Jennifer Edgar
  • Content Area: Science, AP Biology, Evolution
  • Recommended Ages: High School
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class
  • Suggested Time: 45 minutes

To breakout and earn the reward, students must figure out clues about evolution and natural selection.  Written to address AP Biology LOs in current course and exam description.

3-DIGIT LOCK = 6-0-3

4-DIGIT LOCK = 1-4-8-9


DIRECTIONAL MULTILOCK = UP-DOWN-DOWN-LEFT- ___(Use blank ring from ABC Multilock)


This game is meant to be played in a classroom setting as a review for an AP Biology evolution unit test.  Students should be familiar with evolution, selection, and Hardy-Weinberg calculations.  Provide an equation sheet and calculator for students to use for clues that involve calculations. It can be used as a beginning or end of class review or a formative assessment.  

Print out copies of the clue sheets and laminate if possible so they can be re-used.  Print out copies of the “I heart biology” slips and place in the large lock box along with any other rewards you wish to provide students (candy, etc).  

Lock the UV flashlight in the small lockbox.  Place the small lockbox somewhere near the large lockbox.   Set the 3-digit lock to 603 and lock the small lockbox.

On the Hardy-Weinberg assumptions clue #3, circle the word “drift” in invisible ink pen. (no genetic drift (infinitely large population) )

The following locks will be used on the hasp:

  1. Set the word lock to D-R-I-F-T

  2. Set the directional lock to up-down-down-left

  3. The keyed lock

  4. Set the 4-digit lock to 1489

Hide the keyed lock in a biology textbook in the chapter about Darwin.

Show the introductory slides to present the problem to students. Provide 1 hint card since this is designed to be a review game.

Set a 20 minute timer to solve the clues and open all the locks!






Email info@breakoutedu.com if you have any questions. 


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