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Anne of Green Gables

  • Game Designer: Mary Chisolm
  • Content Area: English, Language Arts
  • Recommended Ages: Elementary and Middle Grades
  • Ideal Group Size:  Small Groups
  • Suggested Time: 45 minutes

The class is ready to begin a new novel study, but the teacher has locked it in a box. If the students want to start their next novel, they will have to work together to unlock the box. If they don’t break out in time, they might have to just do extra seat work instead!

3-DIGIT LOCK = 7-5-9

4-DIGIT LOCK = 2-1-6-3




1. Place the novel Anne of Green Gables  and “We Broke Out” sign in the Breakout box. Set all locks and attach to the Breakout box using the hasp

2 .Print out all of the clues for the game. Decide whether you would like to use the easy or difficult version of the directional lock clue.

3 .Using invisible ink circle the letters DIANA on the quotation about “kindred spirits.” You may also choose to write “Last Name” in invisible ink somewhere on the page to make it easier. You may also want to write “Dictionary” in invisible ink on the quotation about “big words.”

4 .Put the UV Flashlight in the 3-digit lock box and set the combination. Hide the box, or leave in plain sight according to how challenging you want the game to be.

5 .Hide the key in or near the dictionary.

6 .Hide or post map and quotations  around the room. The Raspberry Cordial label can be affixed to a bottle of red drink (optional) and be placed on a table with the recipe card.

7. Ensure that students have access to a computer or wireless device.



1. How did you work together as a team?

2. Did you feel your voice was heard?

3. Did this activity make you excited to start our next novel?

4. What did you find the most challenging?

5. How did you work through that challenge?


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